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Each latex can be made-to-measure.

Sometimes a client asks whether to choose a tailor-made suit or a standard size. The answer is: it's always better to order to measure. The execution time does not depend on this choice. It's the same in both cases. For several years we have been designing clothes in the CAD/CAM + CNC computer system. The customer enters his dimensions into the database via our website. The executive server fetches this data and designs the garment patterns. The laser plotter then cuts these shapes out of the paper. These sewing patterns are hand transferred onto the latex and the latex is hand cut and then hand glued. In our opinion, the clothes are very well made. We have made thousands of them and we have no complaints from dissatisfied customers.
The only thing we expect from the client is well-taken body measurements.
The photo below, which we received from the glad customer, shows how to fit the M2M catsuit. The customer is tall also slim. He has really long legs also arms, no one standard size fits him. The customer is very glad about our M2M catsuit. The photo we publish with the customer agreement. It is copyrighted.