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FutureFetish turned into LatexONE

FF => L1

Even though FutureFetish has been around for many years, we decided to rebrand.
Here are the reasons for our decision.

A > The word FETISH in the name makes it difficult to promote the company.
B > Many customers do not consider themselves fetishists. They order our clothes because they like them and they are unique.
C > We sell to 45 countries. In many languages, the name FutureFetish is difficult to pronounce. LatexOne is shorter also simpler.
D > The old website is running horribly slowly. The name change is combined with the launch of a new website that works much faster.
E > The new brand was consulted with a specialist, a Princeton graduate. Was rated very well.

All accounts also passwords from FF work in the LatexONE.